The Purchase Contract, Due Diligence and Closing

Once your offer to purchase and contract is agreed upon, fully signed by you and the seller, and Due Diligence and Earnest Money Deposits are made, there are a few steps to go before you get to the closing table. Your agent will send your contract to your lender and closing attorney and submit any home warranty forms needed.

Due Diligence

This is the period where you conduct inspections like:

• Home
• Appraisal
• Wood Destroying Insect
• Water Quality
• Septic
• Radon
• Or any other area of concern

Your Agent will make professional recommendations if needed and schedule these according to your needs.

Your agent will also coordinate with your closing attorney (and lender if you have one) on their title search and closing time/date. They will keep you informed as results are available and renegotiate your contract as needed.

Your loan will be finalized (if you have one), you will receive a final closing disclosure (a document that itemizes the closing costs including loans, taxes, association dues et cetera) to review, and the day before/morning of closing you will have a final walk through of the property with your agent!

On Closing Day, after all the paperwork is signed with the attorney, they will record your new deed and you will receive the keys to your new property!