Choosing your realtor

What should you look for and expect from your Real Estate Agent?

#1 A Valid RE License

Every Real Estate License holder owes fiduciary responsibilities to their clients. You can confirm the status of any agent's license by checking with the Real Estate Commission in the state you are shopping.


#2 An active member of
the Realtors association

In addition to the fiduciary responsibilities of every licensed real estate agent, Realtors are held to a HIGHER ETHICAL STANDARD and must abide by the Realtors Code of Ethics. Realtors also have access to vast resources to benefit their clients.

#3 An agent you know, like,
trust, and flow with.

You will of course want to do business with someone you know, like, and trust. Listen to your gut when interviewing potential agents. They should take the time to get to know you, your goals, your timeframe, and your understanding of how a Real Estate transaction works. You should also be “in flow” with your agent. Often this relates to how well an agent communicates. They should keep you informed throughout the shopping, showing, due diligence, and closing process. Look for an agent who Shows up, pays attention, tells the truth, keeps commitments, and adds value for you as a buyer!


#4 Hospitality

There is a difference in service and hospitality. This is where the value-add comes in! Look for the agent who goes above and beyond, the one who “gets right on it”. You should have their undivided attention and feel like you are their only client!